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Electric bollards in China|『automatic bollards』

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Electric bollards in China|『automatic  bollards』



Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

Model: 220LS-600

Product Description

LS hydraulic Rising Bollard is an electric-hydraulic-mechanically operated retractable bollard system.The system can be quickly and easily operated. It is suitable for both security and access control applications.

The system is designed to bring desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access without providing a sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. The system is designed to withstand impacts and still operate, giving high security levels to all sites. It is ideal for university campuses, pedestrian walkways, parking lots, government buildinLS, sports stadiums, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

100% Duty Rated hydraulic
Rising Bollards

220LS-600100% duty rated - designed for continuous and frequent use. Power is supplied from a three phase 380V power supply as standard. LS Automated Rising Bollards flaLShip rising bollard combines exceptional strength with elegance. The bollards pleasing aesthetics enhance the look of the area, a non-stop duty cycle ensures lasting performance, whilst the added safety pressure switch offers additional protection.

PLC control board,leakage switch, no exposure to noise high life contactor and other precise time-starting device( prevent the impact of the oil cylinder in place after movement and increase the service life of it.
hydraulic controller: control box, remote controller,manual button. Those are controlled by the personnel on duty.

Why choose LS automatic bollards?

Strong and durable mechanical structure, load bearing large, smooth action, low noise.

PLC controlled, the system operation performance is stable and reliable, easy to integrate.

Bollard and the park barrier and other equipment for linkage control, can also be combined with other access control equipment to achieve hydraulic control.

In the case of power failure or bollard failure, if the bollard in the rising state, the need to fall, you can manually operate the rising column back to the ground level position, in order to allow the passage of vehicles.

Using the world's leading low pressure hydraulic technology, the whole system is high security, reliable and stable.

Remote control device through the wireless remote control, can remote control of the lifting of the column which be around 100 meters around the controller(according to the field of radio communication environment).

According to the user's requirements can be added to the following functions.

 Parking Bollards           Retractable  Parking Bollards                        Steel Bollards                      Car Bollards

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